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[Vardon] LeBron on one day owning an NBA team: "Ain't no maybe about it...I want to be my own boss, like I have been for a long time now."



[–]Cavaliers Ger971 4193 points 14 hours ago

LeBron really is at the “I give zero shits” stage of his career


[–]Kwilly462 1728 points 14 hours ago

It's like your senior year of HS, when you couldn't care less about what happens. Long as you graduate, you doing enough just showing up. Lol


[–][NYK] Baron Davis themariokarters 134 points 15 hours ago

He can’t afford an NBA team


[–]Rockets Zemulon 260 points 15 hours ago

He's rich, but he's not NBA owner rich. The only way he owns a team himself is if Dan Gilbert cuts him a huge deal, which the other owners definitely wouldn't sign off on


[–]Magic EditingAndLayout 89 points 15 hours ago

LeBron's net worth is only estimated at $450 million. Forbes just ranked the least-valuable team as Memphis, at $1.2 billion.

Even if LeBron sold every single thing he owns, he couldn't afford a majority stake in even the cheapest NBA team right now.



[–]Knicks WhitePeopleLoveCurry 90 points 13 hours ago

And when he owns his own small market team it will be fitting when his star player wants to leave and wants to know why he ain't doing enough to bring other guys there.

He will act like every other owner.



[–]Suns mikehayman 84 points 14 hours ago

Did the morons who said he can't afford to buy a team actually read the article?

He will surround himself with investors, like lots of owners do, and he will be the LEAD investor, but he's obviously not going to purchase a whole team by himself.

Maybe try this "reading the article" thing before making stupid comments?




[–]Hawks jvstinf 143 points 14 hours ago

Nobody buys a team without a group of investors. He should be able to put one together with the connections and capital he’ll have post retirement.


[–]NBA RareSir 134 points 14 hours ago

People in this thread think you just fork over a check for 2 billion when you want ownership of a team


[–][CLE] LeBron James babyboyyyy 42 points 14 hours ago

if you read the article, it explains in very specific detail how he can accomplish this and why it’s extremely feasible.


[–]crosschain 25 points 11 hours ago

How dare you suggest we read the article! I'm here to confirm my existing bias and move on.



[–]Warriors JohnDoughhguoDnhoJ 182 points 15 hours ago

LOL he even knows he’s GM of the Lakers


[–][SAC] Jason Williams snowlarbear 2775 points 15 hours ago

in b4 "he already owns the raptors"


[–]Raptors raptorsbucketnator 861 points 14 hours ago

Nowhere is safe smh

Enjoy the West LeBron! It only get easier with age, promise.



[–]NBA tkRustle 364 points 14 hours ago*

But imagine though if LeBron legitimately became the owner of not Lakers, Cavs or any other franchise, but Raptors. The memes would be endless.


[–]Timberwolves DrWolves 116 points 14 hours ago

The memes with LeBron are always endless, doesn’t really matter what it is


[–][POR] Pat ConnaughtonIHad Something_4This 48 points 12 hours ago

LeOwner walks into Nick Nurse's office wearing nothing but a towel.


[–]Raptors raptorsbucketnator 49 points 13 hours ago

No. No i dont want to imagine this.


[–]Pelicans JMoon33 39 points 13 hours ago

The Raptors might have the richest owners in the NBA. I don't see LeBron owning that team lol.


[–]Cavs 2018_Champs 42 points 15 hours ago

Nike will always be his boss though


[–]Kings Obi_Wan_KeBogi 18 points 15 hours ago

If he's already his own boss why does he need to buy a team to be his own boss?



[–]Bulls monolith17 1036 points 15 hours ago*

What’s weird is he isn’t going to own the Lakers, and the Cavs are owned by someone extremely rich (and vindictive enough to not sell it) so it’s gonna be weird if bron owns the wizards or some shit

Edit: if you reply to this comment, you are a bad guy


[–][MEM] Shane Battier materics 35 points 13 hours ago

And the price of the teams are getting exponentially expensive as the NBA gains popularity. Bron is rich but I don't see him being that rich. Maybe part ownership is the only option.


[–][CLE] Manny Harris kevln02 65 points 14 hours ago

There's always rumors about Dan wanting to buy a team in Detroit at some point which he has stronger ties to so I wouldn't say it's impossible he sells eventually.


[–]Pistons peterhumm18 29 points 13 hours ago

Honestly dan Gilbert is annoying but I’d take him over Gores any day. Please Dan. Save us.

活塞球迷:说实话,吉尔伯特很烦人,不过比起Tom Gores(活塞现老板),我更想吉尔伯特接手球队。拜托了吉尔伯特,救救我们吧。

[–]Cavaliers neyvit1 82 points 14 hours ago

I love Bron, but I REALLLY hope he never owns the Cavs. He'd be a terrible owner. Notoriously cheap and too arrogant to cede personnel decisions to people that know better.

As much as a douche as Dan Gilbert is, he at least is willing to spend a shit load of money on a mid-market team.



[–]Suns mbarnar 773 points 14 hours ago

He could buy the Suns. Please. Hell if you wanna buy the Suns us fans would approve.


[–]Sonnyred90 123 points 14 hours ago

Have you seen his LeGM moves for the past decade? Do you really want him running your whole franchise lol?


[–]Suns phoenixcolt13 104 points 13 hours ago

have you seen a suns game in the last 10 years? no? that's fair. I wouldn't watch us either.


[–][DEN] Nikola Jokic RedSoxEatPoop 345 points 14 hours ago

He should become a part time owner with MJ in Charlotte lmao


[–][LAC] Shai Gilgeous-Alexander norse95 232 points 13 hours ago

LeBron going for the GOAT owner title just to spite MJ


[–][DEN] Nikola Jokic RedSoxEatPoop 242 points 13 hours ago

That's one thing he has a chance of beating out MJ for lol


[–][LAC] Shai Gilgeous-Alexander norse95 162 points 13 hours ago

can't wait to see a 65 year old MJ challenge a 45 year old LeBron to a 1v1 for talking shit about the teams they own lol


[–][DEN] Nikola Jokic RedSoxEatPoop 75 points 13 hours ago

Lbj would win that matchup 1 v 1 but I’m taking the 65 year old MJ in HORSE



[–][DAL] Nick Van Exel natedeezy_3 200 points 15 hours ago

Luke Walton literally shaking right now


[–]Warriors bluelightnings 52 points 14 hours ago

I don't think this is news to Walton tbh


[–]MohamedBamba 1324 points 15 hours ago*

LeGM is back on the menu boys

He has 4 and a half years of GM/Ownership experience

Lebron’s Resume:

Owner/General Manager - Cleveland Cavaliers - 2014-2018

-Facilitated deals for long term future of franchise

-Got my friends paid $80 million, held franchise hostage and gained valuable hostage taking experience

General Manager - Los Angeles Lakers - 2019 to Present

-Bent league tampering rules and increase tampering efficiency by 50%

-Key board member on Anthony Davis deal which will happen in 2020





- 促成了球队未来的长期交易

- 让自己的朋友得到8000万美金薪资,挟持球队,并且得到了丰富的裹挟球队的经验


- 修改了联盟不当引诱球员的规则,并将其效率提高了50%

- 2020年戴维斯交易的理事会关键成员。

[–]Raptors jps78 20 points 14 hours ago

Raised franchise value by 300%


[–]Suns mbarnar 613 points 15 hours ago

Don't forget

Owner - Toronto Raptors - 2016-2018



[–]Spurs f1uk3r 541 points 14 hours ago

Little Corrections

Owner - Eastern Conference - 2011-2018



[–]Trail Blazers _Quetzalcoatlus_ 65 points 14 hours ago

But actually, two of the dudes he always wanted on his team were James Jones and Mike Miller.

James Jones is currently a GM and Mike Miller is an assistant coach. He's going to hire them both.



[–]Kwilly462 953 points 15 hours ago

Is it just me, or is he more arrogant than usual this season?


[–]FewMaybe4 271 points 15 hours ago

If he didn't say the last part maybe he won't come off as an arrogant douche.


[–][SAC] Kevin Martin yougotmugged 20 points 15 hours ago

Cause he’s Hollywood now


[–]94savage 80 points 15 hours ago

He's always been like this.


[–]Lakers Tr0janSword 62 points 15 hours ago

I think he's starting to give no fucks about what he says to the media


[–]Celtics bustedracquet 48 points 15 hours ago

Good, he shouldn't.


[–]NBA Primetime22 355 points 15 hours ago

I think it's just more grating because his team isn't playing well this year.


[–][DEN] Nikola Jokic RedSoxEatPoop 67 points 14 hours ago

The Miami Heat Lebron days were insufferable tbh....seemed like he turned a new leaf when he went back to Cleveland but I'm sure part of that was just a show.


[–]oneninetythree193 595 points 15 hours ago

He's always been like this but people have short-term memory and go through the same fan cycle every season


[–]Lakers Beavsbeavsbeavs 377 points 14 hours ago

Yup. January/Feb pre-All Star Break is always anti LeBron time. He’s almost always playing poorly (by his standards) and sulking and everyone is talking about LeDecline and how toxic he is. I fully expect him to put the team on his back and have everyone on his dick again by the end of March


[–]Cavaliers TerraWolfy 119 points 13 hours ago

One day the second part won't happen

And we will be sad that day



[–]Cavaliers JesusShuttlesworth96 115 points 15 hours ago*

Damn, you people on reddit are so fragile. Nobody can say something good about themselves


[–]Lakers BornAndPasketball 33 points 14 hours ago

He's one of the greatest players of all time and is building a business empire. He came from nothing and now hes a world wide icon

Fuck out of here with that humility shit

Whatever praise he gives himself, he deserves it. Dude is a champion







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